Friday, August 1, 2014

Five For Friday

I am excited to be linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for my first Five for Friday!

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I went to school again this week.  In the photo above, you can see the mess and my son weaving through the piles of stuff!  I've been to school several times, but I seem to end up doing WAY more chatting than working.  A colleague of mine who has been teaching 1st grade for the past 15 years has moved across the hall to teach 3rd!  Since I really enjoy her company, I keep interrupting her work (and my own) to have long conversations!  I really need to stop that. I did manage to do SOME work. I have my bulletin board backgrounds up.  I must confess.  Everything doesn't match.  I always love looking at photos of those classrooms where everything is perfectly gorgeous and coordinated.  In my room, there will be lots of light blue and green.  That's as coordinated as it's going to get!  It will be welcoming, colorful, organized, and functional. But it won't exactly match.
I have no picture for #2.  My husband totally rocks! Here's why.  (Prepare yourself for a long story.) I moved to a new room this year.  My old room had five very long and sturdy built-in shelves to house all of the 3rd grade content area literature.  I came into my classroom to find ALL of that literature in my room with nowhere to go.  There was a gigantic rolling cart heaped with books.  There were also additional boxes of books.  I was not very mature when I saw it.  Not mature at all.  I think I whined.  Now, here is why my husband rocks. He is building me shelves for all of the books.  Just because he likes to bless me.  He's going to pick up the lumber this morning.
I love this shirt!  My friend gave it to us, because both of her daughters outgrew it.  The other day while my daughter was wearing it and I was fixing her hair, she said, "Got joy, Mom?"

Sunflowers!  There is a farm in a nearby town that makes amazing ice cream.  Each year they plant fields of sunflowers. When the flowers bloom, they sell wagon ride tickets and bouquets for charity.  My husband and I took the kids this week.  I never get tired of looking at fields of sunflowers.  Sunflowers are such cheerful flowers!

I finally made my sub tub!  (At least the outside of it! It isn't filled yet!) My district requires teachers to have at least 3 days of emergency sub plans and all needed materials ready-to-go.  I used to just stick the materials in a desk or file drawer, but this is so much cuter!  Inside the tub I will place 3 sets of emergency sub plans.  (There is a preview of one set shown.)  You can find them in my store individually or in a bundle. Click here to go to the sub plans section of my store.  I have sets for grades 1, 2, and 3.  I've created a sub binder with a class list, attendance forms, a schedule, and notes about emergency drill procedures and allergies.  I'm thinking about adding more plans/materials so that I'm prepared for a full week.  I've never had to be out for an entire week, but it's good to be ready for anything!

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