Saturday, August 30, 2014

Five For Friday! I'm late!

I'm linking up with Doodlebug Teaching again for another Five for Friday.  This week, I'll actually have some school-related things to share!  This was my first week of school, and it was hectic.  I'm going to apologize in advance for the poor quality of my pictures.  They were all taken with my phone.

On Monday, I arrived at work for our first staff day.  My plan was to take pictures of my room, so I pulled out the camera.  NO DATA CARD!  All week, I kept forgetting that data card.

Yesterday (Friday), I brought our really nice camera to school.  I pulled it out to take pictures. DEAD BATTERY!  I just couldn't keep up with things this week!

This was SO ME this week.  I love going back to school, but it takes me awhile to find my groove.  I always feel like I had 4 or 5 or 30 more things to do before the kids' special was over.  It will get easier once I get more comfortable with our new schedule.  Hannah over at The Classroom Key shared this meme.  If you ever need a giggle to cheer you up, visit her blog.  Of course, she has other great ideas to share as well. 

My first day with students was Wednesday.  I absolutely adore my class.  Of course, we've spent most of our time this week reviewing classroom rules and expectations.  I read aloud Have You Filled a Bucket Today? and How Full Is Your Bucket?.  We sorted "bucket filling" and "bucket dipping" behaviors.  Then, I showed the Pixar For the Birds video clip.  It's an extra feature on the Monsters, Inc. DVD.  We talked about the bucket-dipping behaviors we saw in the video. As a follow up, students chose a sheet to write about what they would do if:
  • They saw a student making fun of someone else.
  • They saw two students yelling at each other.
  • They saw students telling rumors.
  • They heard students yelling and complaining about another student.
Some students were immediately able to share ways they would step in and try to help.  Others immediately said they would tell a teacher.  These sheets were created by Tracy at Creekside Teacher Tales.  Click to go to her blog.  You'll need to scroll down to get to the sheets.  If you don't have the DVD, the video can be found on YouTube.  Be sure to preview and check for inappropriate ads before you play the video in your classroom!

One highlight of my week was when a student told me his bucket was overflowing after I gave the class a compliment. 

On Friday, I had students work with partners to read several mini stories.  Partners were chosen randomly.  I learned a lot about my group by watching them interact.  After reading and sorting, the students needed to read the stories again to fill in the kind and unkind behaviors on a two-column sheet.  These materials are a freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Please click here to get them!

Yesterday, I taught students how to choose "perfect fit" books.  After our mini-lesson, half of the students shopped for books while the others listened to a read aloud. Then the groups switched.  I was fortunate to have my friend and teammate in the room, so she supervised the book shopping.  We'll be team-teaching inclusion writing and inclusion reading this year. It's going to be a great year!

These are my students' book bags.  Ziploc bags are inexpensive, and they work.  They need to be replaced more than once through the year, though.  I considered purchasing cardboard magazine files this year, but I really have no place to store them.

Meet Samuel!  Samuel has autism, and he communicates using a letter board.  He has written several 
guest blog posts at Joni and Friends.  I encourage you to visit the blog and read what he has to say.  He has a heart to share with others what it is like to live with autism.  He is a blessing! I'll leave you with a quote directly from one of Samuel's blog posts.  I have his permission to share!

"Today I want to tell you what it is like when people don't believe you are smart. Having autism is fiercely difficult! Oftentimes, my face looks blank which can be confusing to others. Inside I might feel happy, sad, mad, interested or even laughing. Sometimes I can tell people think I am empty because my face looks flat. I told my Mom once that, 'My face betrays me.' Do you know that betray means to do something that a person does not agree with or want? My face is not able to show how I really feel or how I think. It is a trial for sure, but now that I can communicate it is so nice to be able to express what is going on inside of me. It hurts when people treat me like I am five years old and sometimes give me high-fives when it is not appropriate. After all, I am a teenager now! I ask the Lord to help me to forgive and to show grace. He can help you forgive others when they hurt you too, so ask Him to help you!" -Samuel at Joni and Friends

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