Thursday, July 24, 2014

Still clipping

To clip or not to clip?  To be honest, I haven't decided yet!  I used a clip chart last year in my classroom.  It worked well for most of the students.  However, there are always those students who struggle and need something more individualized.  The clip chart just doesn't seem to work well for them.  So, as I said, I'm undecided about whether to use a clip chart this year.  I'm leaning toward YES I WILL, so I made one that would match better with my classroom color scheme.  I'm offering the clip chart to any of you who have decided that you will, indeed, use a clip chart this year.  You can get it here.  I would love to read some comments about the strategies you use for classroom management.  I'm a collector of ideas in this area, because all of the students are different.  What works with one child won't always work with another.  Please share your thoughts!


  1. I was just having the same discussion with myself yesterday! I decided to go the opposite route - no clip chart. BUT, I am going to create a small, "personal" clip chart like I have seen around and use that for some of my kiddos who I think will need the visual of seeing how they are doing. I also found a way to better incorporate our school behavior program with what we do in the classroom. Doing a clip chart, paws, marble jar, reward coupons.... it was just too much! This year I am simplifying things. ~ Lisa

  2. I like the idea of a personal clip chart just for those students who need it. It could even be individualized. I might need to consider that as an alternative.