Monday, February 12, 2018

Gift Card Giveaway and a SALE

Update: The lucky winner of the gift card is Lisa at Elementary Stories. Congratulations Lisa!

If you LOVE teaching, and you LOVE sales, you're in luck! 

The #LoveTpTSale is coming right up! The sale is happening on February 14th and 15th. 

My entire store, including already discounted bundles, will be 20% off. You can get an additional discount by entering code XOXO at checkout.

Do you need emergency sub plans? I have bundles for grades 1, 2, 3, and 4 that will cover you for 3 days. 

To help you with your shopping, I'm offering the gift of a $10 TPT gift card. Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win! 

The winner will be chosen at midnight on Valentine's Day, and I'll send the gift card code to the winner early on Wednesday the 14th.

Happy Valentine's week and HAPPY SHOPPING. Thanks for stopping by. 

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Valentine's Day Resources and a FREEBIE

Looking for some fun Valentine's Day activities to keep kids engaged? I've got some idea and resources for you.

Freebie: Multisyllable Words Practice with a Valentine's Day Theme
Every year, there are students that just stop and freeze when they see unfamiliar multisyllable words. They just aren't confident. This freebie includes several fun activities that will help. 

There's a word list. We read it and reread it using different voices to make it engaging. (Whisper voice, sleepy voice, robot voice, pleasant voice, grumpy voice...

There are syllable sorting cards. 

And... There are RIDDLES!  I found a collection of corny riddles on the internet and modified them so that they would have more multisyllable words.  The kids lightly color over the multisyllabic words before reading the riddles aloud to each other. When I created these cards, my daughter gave them a test run. She read the riddles to her brother, her dad, and even Sunshine the cat. Apparently, Sunshine doesn't have much of a sense of humor.

If you would like to grab the materials I created,  just click here or on the image below.

I also have a set of math and literacy activities available. My kids helped test these, as well!

As you can see, Seth gave my story problems a thumbs-up for interest level.

There are 6 literacy activities and 4 math activities-- including differentiated sets of one and two-step story problem task cards. 

You can grab Valentine's Day Math and Literacy Activities by clicking here. There are other Valentien's Day resources in my Teacher Pay Teachers store as well.  Click on the images below to grab them. 

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for stopping by!

FREEBIES, Valentine Exchange, ACE, Scrabble, and Cozy Chairs

This week has flashed by in a blur! Here are a few highlights from the week. 

My class is participating in a Valentine exchange with 21 classes around the country. To get some content in, I had the kids research facts about Connecticut to include in our class letter. Then, we decorated our valentines with Connecticut state symbols. 

We're just about to wrap up a unit on identifying the central message in stories, including fables and folktales. Students have been writing lots of open-ended responses to explain how authors convey the message. We use ACE to formulate answers. I had students self-assess using a sticky note.

Do you need some fable resources? I have some freebies for you! 

You can find other Fable Freebies in this section of my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

Our family has been on a Scrabble kick lately. This week, we've played after dinner almost every night. This photo is of a game we played a while ago. Seth played the word rowan. My husband and I were skeptical. Rowan? Really? So, we challenged him. Well....

rowan - noun - a Eurasian tree

Yep. It was a word. 

I had a snow day and a delay this week because of snow. My son went out to clean off my car yesterday and told me I had to come and see it. We thought the snow in the front resembled a mustache! 

I now have SEVEN days to make up in June! Ack. We had 3 no-power days in October along with the many snow days.

The cold, wintery weather has made snuggling up with blankets a regular thing. Earlier in the week, Herbie and Sparrow sat with Gabrielle for at least an hour. Last night, Gabrielle came and cuddled up with me to do her devotion. She takes notes and underlines almost every time. She's the cutest. 

Thanks for visiting! How was your week?

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Groundhog Day FREEBIE and Links

Winter! Blah! I'm tired of it already. I'm seriously hoping that the groundhog will NOT see his shadow next week. 

Since I always like reasons to add a little fun to lessons, I've gathered a few resources to use and share. 
Here's the video I will definitely use. It's short, sweet, and informative!

Lisa at Second Grade Stories has created an excellent nonfiction mini-unit about groundhogs.  It's very versatile and includes several activities.  You can project the full-sized pages onto a Smartboard or print out the half pages for students to share.  You can see the unit in her store by clicking here or on the image below. 

I've discovered an extremely well-done, kid-friendly, free, engaging website called 
Groundhogs at Hoghaven. The site debuted in January 1998.  Here's a screenshot:

There are groundhog photos, sounds, videos, and a quiz!  I'll be using this website to model for students how to use website features such as key words, sidebars, and hyperlinks (Common Core State Standard RI.3.5).  

Finally, the groundhog-themed FREEBIE for practicing multiplication & division fact families... 

These task cards were intended to be used for fact families, but they could easily be used for basic multiplication facts, related multiplication facts, or even repeated addition.  You can grab these free task cards by clicking here or on the image below. 
If you want to provide practice minus the cute groundhogs, you can grab these use-anytime task cards in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  The product includes a set of task cards very similar to the freebie plus nine related worksheets for practice, homework, or formative assessment. You can find the materials in my store by clicking here or on the product cover below.  

I also have a similar product for addition and subtraction fact families.  It also comes with task cards and nine additional practice sheets. Click here or on the product cover to see it in my store. 

The cute groundhog numbers were created with clip art 
designed by Ashley Hughes and Melonheadz 

Happy Almost-Groundhog Day!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

FREEBIE, Flashlight Friday, Fossils, and Multiples of Ten

Thanks for stopping by! This will be a hodge-podge post sharing some what we've been up to in the classroom lately. And, at the end of the post, there's a FREEBIE!

Flashlight Friday
My teammate/friend invited my class to join hers for flashlight Friday. It was a rainy dark day, so it was perfect! I have to confess that this was the first time I've tried flashlight Friday. Now I'm sold on it. The kids had so much fun just reading together. 

We've been learning about the way paleontologists examine fossils to learn about organisms that lived long ago. (That's NGSS Standard 3-LS4-1 for all of you science nerds out there!) We're using science notebooks this year, which the kids are loving. 

Multiplying by Multiples of Ten
This is one of my favorite concepts to introduce! I always start out with exploratory stations that the kids rotate through. Once they've had some experience modeling the facts with concrete objects, tackling them on paper isn't so intimidating. 

To grab some free task cards click here or on the image below. 
Thanks for visiting!